Celebrating 1 year of Intentionality

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Around this time last year I had a significant inner moment of realisation (or something…bear with me) that completely altered my attitude about work and life. Eyes closed, music on, my mind wandered and I pictured myself being shown round … Continued

My ‘Workshop’ at home

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Having spent months clogging up the dining room table with paper, books, eraser rubbings and coal dust, my husband decided it was time for me to relocate to the back bedroom… And so we visited Koçtaş (B&Q equivalent) and bought … Continued

Pomegranate (Mini Project)

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It’s a slow journey to perfecting the art of cini. .. to break up all the practice I decided to paint a pomegranate (here shown nearly finished and pre-firing). Not my best work ever but a fun mini – project … Continued

My family visit the Workshop

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This year we enjoyed a somewhat traditional English Christmas with my family in Turkey, albeit with a few Turkish twists thrown in. One of the highlights was that my family could come and visit Poppy’s workshop with me for the … Continued

2: What makes a good leaf?

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Progress check: Been drawing these darned leaves for approx 30 hours – thankfully not in one sitting – and Poppy still wants me to continue! Gahhh! So what makes a good leaf? It must be slender, follow a continuous sloping … Continued