Exhibition at the seat of the Sultan

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When Ottoman Sultans attended ritual prayer at an Imperial Mosque, they performed their namaz (prayers) from a raised, gilded loge, an ornately screened religious equivalent of a theatrical Royal Box. These loges (Hünkar mahfili) led back into a secret first … Continued

The Legacy of a Lifetime

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Last summer I stayed in the beautiful house of some dear friends in England. They are an elderly couple and their home bursts at the seams with drawings, paintings, sculpture, books, pottery… and much of the art is their own. … Continued

Pomegranate (Mini Project)

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It’s a slow journey to perfecting the art of cini. .. to break up all the practice I decided to paint a pomegranate (here shown nearly finished and pre-firing). Not my best work ever but a fun mini – project … Continued